I’m not myself these days


I have a lot going on lately — it seems like I have PTSD from the car crash (I saw a movie with a crash scene that looked like mine, and it really freaked me out), and there’s some depressing family stuff, too.

I don’t have much interest in things right now, and I’m sure my writing reflects that. I go to bed early, I wake up exhausted. But as soon as I can get organized enough to get to a doctor, etc., I expect to make some progress.

4 thoughts on “I’m not myself these days

  1. Susie…well, what Ron said. It seems harder and harder to do, as the world seems to be boarding the handbasket to hell in almost every aspect of our lives, but then…I’ll see one of your posts pop up in my RSS feed with a song that puts a smile on my face, or some information that I don’t see anywhere else, and it’s salve for my tattered soul.

    Love to you.

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