14 dead, 17 wounded in San Bernardino

UPDATE: Police chief says 14 dead, 14 wounded.

When is it enough to actually do something about these guns?

Fuck the NRA. Fuck the Republican party and the right wing hate machine. Those Syrian refugees might be safer back in Syria:


In a press conference, the San Bernardino police chief called it an act of “domestic terrorism.”

2 thoughts on “14 dead, 17 wounded in San Bernardino

  1. US citizens are the victims of a mass shooting a day. WTF has to happen before we overthrow right wing insanity.

  2. My local public radio station, WNYC, is going to cover the few and probably not accurate little that is known about the shooters — rest of the morning.

    Speculation is rampant, and, as another program originating on WNYC has editorialized about such early reporting, almost everything we learn in the early hours will be found to be inaccurate. But the early reports tend to stick in people’s minds.

    But, hey, speculation can be fun! Right?

    Last night, authorities and reporters kept saying there was great hope at least one of the shooters would be captured alive and they would be able to learn more about their thinking. Seems it didn’t happen? All dead?

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