Why ISIS dislikes Hillary Clinton.

Sady Doyle with a remarkable essay on liking Hillary Clinton.

I think this is the big divide with male progressives re: Clinton. They “don’t like her.” She’s “sneaky.” Etc.

Most women (at least, women in the political world) know how much she isn’t allowed to say, isn’t even allowed to be. It makes a difference.

Anyway, if you want to understand, it’s a good piece.

(Also: This one, too.)

3 thoughts on “Likable

  1. Is there racism in this country?
    Is there sexism?
    Many on the Left find Hillary much too calculating for our own good. Perhaps she has too be calculating to succeed as a politician in this country, at this time in history?
    What bothers the Left about Hillary is not the fact that she’s a woman. Or that she’s too short. Or too loud. Or too old. Or that she laughs oddly. Those things are trivial and silly.
    What’s bothersome about Hillary is her willingness to invade other countries and force regime change. She’s an interventionist.
    Hillary is also, by her own admission, a corporatist. That’s a problem.
    If Hillary were not a war-monger and not aligned with the billionaire class then every Democrat would “like” her.
    (What the Republican’s think about her is of no consequence.)

  2. Shit like this picture makes me sick. The idea that they often come from so-called progressives, makes my head explode. Male insecurities and political immaturity know no political divide, I guess.

  3. I am white, male, relatively well off and consider myself to be very liberal and the only thing that potentially disgusts me more than the treatment of President Obama is the treatment of Senator Clinton. No one in this political age has been put through as much sh*t as Hillary Clinton. The very fact that she hasn’t taken her earnings, told us all to go f*ck ourselves, and gone to live on a beach in Hawaii is shocking to me.

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