Yesterday I got my “new” car back, and despite 227K miles, it’s practically new. Here’s a list of what was replaced:

Steering boots, wipers, grille clips; air, oil and fuel filters; muffler, resonator pipe, transmission filter, all new lights, timing belt, water pump, alternator and belt, engine gaskets and seals; spark plugs, thermostat, front and rear brakes, front rotors, wheel bearings and seals, trans fluid, brake fluid, battery, antifreeze, rear spindle, driveshaft, side view mirror, catalytic converters, radiator fans, axles, A/C compressor and recharge; alignment, and wheel balancing.

Feels great, drives like a charm. No wind whistle around the windows, which used to drive me crazy in the old car. Yahoo!

Thanks to everyone whose donations made it possible.

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