This story just gets better and better:

The founder of the Oath Keepers, a loosely organized anti-government militia group, criticized Ammon Bundy for protesting the arson convictions of a pair of Oregon ranchers shortly before Bundy led the takeover of an empty national wildlife refuge on Saturday.

Stewart Rhodes, president and founder of the Oath Keepers, posted a video statement on the ranchers’ situation in which he criticized the son of infamous Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy for taking up the cause of Dwight and Stewart Hammond. Rhodes branded those involved with Ammon Bundy’s protest as “potheads.”

“The Oath Keepers will not be involved in an armed stand off that’s being manufactured by potheads who want a fight because this is going to be a bad fight, not a righteous moral high ground fight,” Rhodes said in the video, which was posted Thursday.

A spokesman for the Oath Keepers, Jason Van Tatenhove, said in an email that the video the organization posted online had been edited and that Stewart could be heard saying “hot head” in the original version.

On Saturday, Bundy led group of armed militia members who splintered off from a peaceful protest march in support of the Hammonds and occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

A lawyer for the Hammonds has said Bundy doesn’t speak for the father-son duo. Rhodes pointed to that as a reason why Bundy should call off his protest.

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  1. A bridge too far, it seems. So-called conservative action groups know these Yallqueda bozo’s have committed sedition at the least or treason. The lack of violent response by the Feds simply demonstrates the horrible two systems of law enforcement in this country; one for gun carrying whites and another for peaceful protesters.

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