Obama to announce executive actions on guns today

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Via the Washington Post:

The package, which Obama plans to announce Tuesday, includes 10 separate provisions, White House officials said. One key proposal would require more gun sellers — especially those who do business on the Internet and at gun shows — to be licensed and would force them to conduct background checks on potential buyers. Obama would devote more federal funds to treating mental illness — a move that could require congressional approval — and require that firearms lost in transit between a manufacturer and seller be reported to federal authorities.

(Can’t forget to thank the Maryland team at Price Benowitz LLP for their thoughts.)

3 thoughts on “Obama to announce executive actions on guns today

  1. While I approve overall that at least some action is being taken, it is distressing to me that mental illness is always sited as the problem. It demonizes people who suffer from mental problems and are far likelier to be victims than perpetrators. It allows us to look away from our gun-loving patriarchal culture in which white males are raised to feel privileged and entitled and often go off the rails when they don’t get what they want.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Nicely-Nicely.
    That said, the average Republican voter must have some mental illness.
    The Mulford Act of 1967.
    This act was written by Republican congressman of California Don Mulford at the request of then governor Ronald Reagan. It repealed the California law allowing public carry of loaded firearms.
    Reagan found that law to be unacceptable after several dozen Black Panthers began roaming the State House hallways.
    So it would seem that even the hero of most Republicans backed gun control.

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