Polluted politics in Flint

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Michael Moore is right: Arrest Gov. Snyder!

Lansing — Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said Thursday replacing her city’s myriad of lead-leaching water pipes could cost as much as $1.5 billion, while the state’s top health official deemed Flint’s water unsafe to drink without filtration.

“We have not done a final assessment of that,” Weaver said Thursday after a closed-door meeting with Gov. Rick Snyder at his Lansing office. “We’ve heard from millions up to $1.5 billion. We’re doing assessments right now to see what it’s going to cost.”

Hoping to establish “a very close partnership,” Snyder met Thursday morning with Weaver to discuss the city’s on-going lead contaminated drinking water crisis two days after declaring a state of emergency in Genesee County.

Even though problems with Flint’s water problems have persisted for 19 months, state officials began kicking their response to the crisis into gear Thursday.

Quick shoutout to Thomas Soldan: baseball fanatic, marathon runner, and criminal defense attorney in Virginia.

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  1. 19 years? How long has lead been known as a dangerous pollutant? They just got caught kicking the can down the road.

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