The crazy continues

And you wonder why your relatives and neighbors are paranoid? Take a listen! Via Media Matter:

Iowa radio host and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) surrogate Steve Deace has been warning his radio audience that President Obama may try to hold on to the presidency after his term ends. Deace claims the president has abused the Constitution so much that Obama staying after his term’s completion is “really not that farfetched.”

In March 2015, Deace dismissed the idea that Obama would hold on to power after his presidential term was complete. In a question posed to him, which he responded to on his blog, Deace was asked if there was any validity to the idea of a third Obama term and Deace responded that even Obama wouldn’t “dare defy” Hillary Clinton “twice.”

But now it seems Deace’s confidence in Obama’s ability to restrain himself from subverting the Constitution in order to stay in the White House is waning. During the January 6 episode of his radio show, Deace asked Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz what he thought the GOP would do if Obama decides not to leave after this term. Deace reiterated that the question was “not meant to be silly” and that he was “serious when he asked” about the possibility.

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  1. Perhaps you should ask Darth Cheney again about how that whole unitary executive thing was supposed to work.

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