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Tell me how you feel. How many of you want to stay updated (I realize I focus more on Bernie, but that’s because he really doesn’t get much critical mainstream press), how many of you don’t?

Conversely, there’s so much frickin’ misinformation about Clinton that I feel compelled to point it out when I see it. I’m a blogger, it’s what I’m trained to do.

I don’t especially care; I really don’t want to discourage readers from coming here. But I do have a professional bias toward covering the uncovered, and now that Bernie’s a real contender, it’s time. (Not to mention, he’d better get ready for when Republicans go after him — although they seem to want him as the candidate.)

But if you’re looking for safe harbor without brawls, that’s okay.

Tell me what you think.

9 thoughts on “The primary

  1. Just do what you always do, susie. Cover the uncovered. If that’s more Bernie, fine. Exposing misinfo about Clinton, also fine. Both, fine. (Neither? Not fine! ;D)

  2. I have read and appreciated your blog for years. Thank you. Please cover Bernie as he needs all the help he can get – and we need him. Hillary is corrupt and owned by Wall Street and the military-industrial complex.

  3. Bernie does need to be prepared for the Republican attack machine.
    But what he’s being subjected to is the establishment Democratic attack machine trying to discredit him and his ideas.
    The latest establishment attack from the Democratic machine claims that Bernie and his hammer & sickle socialist ideas will not sell.
    Well here’s a newsflash for Claire McCaskill and her Democratic establishment friends: Obama lost Missouri twice and he’s further to the right then Hillary is.
    What we need in this election is a debate about real Democratic ideas. The kinds of ideas that Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy had the vision to put forward.
    What we don’t need to elect is a pragmatist who wants to compromise with the Republicans to get things done. We have all seen where that path leads us. To crappy legislation that satisfies neither side and wars without end.
    Contrarians are the spice of life.

  4. I’m quite happy with your coverage (not so much with your BNR colleague, Mr. Daou. hyperbolic much?). I’m pleased that, at least on the Dem side, there are discussions of some substance for a change. VALID critique of Bernie and HRC is desperately needed. I’m really sick of the ‘gotta go negative’ stance supporters on both sides have adopted. I’m really unconcerned over individual votes of either party, sausage’s gotta be made after all. But the ‘Bernie’s unelectable’ or, even more tiresome, ‘Bill Clinton had affairs and besides Hillary’s a bitch’ corporate media noise doesn’t rate a click.

  5. Go ahead and go negative if you want. Hillary will be an improvement over Obama, but she’ll still serve us those dlc shit sandwiches. And Bernie will disappoint us, no doubt, but we might as well hear the bad news here rather than elsewhere.

  6. I am entirely uncommitted this year. Although it is possible I will overcome my disgust at the Caucus System and attend my 9th Caucus to vote for Bernie in honor of his Medicare for Everyone plan. It is after all the issue of my life.

    I supported Hillary in 2008 but this year I’m not hearing whatever grabbed me then from her. I don’t have the shivering hate that a lot of people have. And I don’t regret my past support but it just isn’t there now.

    How can I say that I am uncommitted and in the next breath say I might caucus for someone? It’s the issue. I AM committed to niversal healthcare for everyone. And I will do anything to see it happen n my lifetime.

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