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I don’t know if they realize what they’re doing, but some of the Sanders supporters are just awful. They tell anyone who doesn’t agree with them that they’re “corporatists,” “DINOs,” or just plain stupid. (Psst — you’re not doing your candidate any favors. You don’t convert people by ridiculing them.) It’s really exhausting, too. The same thing that makes me a good blogger (institutional knowledge and an aversion to bullshit) makes it hard as a human. You have no idea how much that crap wears on you.

More importantly, I had no idea we weren’t allowed to have different opinions anymore.

6 thoughts on “I can relate

  1. Of course Hillary supporters are the very soul of civility.

    You could change Sanders to Clinton, Bernie to Hillary, and you would have an apt description of the abuse – the stunningly viscous, mean-spirited, churlish attacks – I have suffered at the hands of Clinton supporters these past few weeks. It was bad eight years ago, today it is downright republican. And it certainly isn’t encouraging me to hold my nose and vote the status quo, vote the lesser evil.

    It has long been my contention the Republicans threw the elections to Obama, as they are now throwing it to Clinton. I used to ask “why?” Now I ask how it is that seemingly otherwise relatively well adjusted, well educated people cannot see that they are being quite professionally herded to vote a decision that has already been made, and that all of this is naught but a charade to leave the rubes feeling as if they were participant?

    After what the Weasels did earlier this year to the most popular Governor in the history of The State of Oregon, re-elected only months earlier to an unprecedented fourth term, I am already as disgusted with Democrats as I am repelled by Republicans. Attacking me, attacking those who disagree, with republican-like skill and tactic isn’t going to change any minds. It certainly isn’t going change mine.

    Never am I so much reminded of Dr. Zhivago (the book, not the shitty movie) as when I read the comments at the so-called “liberal” blogs: white middle class bourgeoisie sitting around drinking wine and smoking weed pontificating on what they would do if they could change the world, yet when the opportunity to change the world presents itself the vast majority, having voted the status quo, are nowhere to be found.

  2. Reminds me so much, too much, of 2008 when “progressive” dudes were everywhere shouting at Clinton supporters to shutupshutupshutup.

    Obama didn’t call his supporters on it, for which I blame him. Has Sanders made any moves to dial down his prog bros?

  3. “It has long been my contention the Republicans threw the elections to Obama, as they are now throwing it to Clinton….” Uh, yeah, that is why American Crossroads is airing a cascade of anti-Clinton ads in Iowa using Sanders’ talking points…

  4. Here’s the question: Would the Wall Street crowd and the billionaire class rather see Cruz or Trump in the White House instead of Hillary? The answer to that seems pretty obvious. (They all hate Cruz more then they hate Trump, but they hate them both.)
    Then why would American Crossroads be attacking Hillary in Iowa instead of Bernie?
    The answer to that is obvious as well. (Although it’s already baffled some on the Left.)
    The corporate media needs a horse race between Bernie and Hillary, lest everybody catch on to what they’re (oligarchy) is actually up to.
    Yes Margaret there is a Santa Clause.

  5. I’m sure most Sanders’ supporters are well-behaved but there is this very vocal, vile and misogynistic cadre much like the Obama Bots of 2008 and it isn’t the media making them that way. They are doing it all by themselves. I’ve been called “Penisbreath” at C&L for supporting Clinton. And no Ten bears – Clinton supporters don’t come anywhere near the nasty behaviour of Bernie’s Bros.

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