The pendulum swings the other way

Markey Calls Out Cruz

And I don’t like it. The fact is, a lot of the addicts in this country because addicts because they couldn’t get effective treatment for chronic pain. This will put those people through hell:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic senator said Monday he is blocking President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Food and Drug Administration as he pressures the agency to be tougher on abuse of opioid painkillers.

Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey said in a statement that he has put a hold on the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf, the No. 2 official at the agency, who was a prominent cardiologist and medical researcher at Duke University for more than 30 years.

“The FDA needs to commit to shift the way it approaches and evaluates addiction before I can support Dr. Califf’s nomination,” Markey said. “Until it does, we will continue to see this tsunami of opioid overdoses engulf family after family.”

2 thoughts on “The pendulum swings the other way

  1. Obama has made some horrifically bad appointments in the past seven years.
    Another was Gary Gensler as chairperson to the Commodity Futures and Exchange Commission (2009-2014). The only reason that Obama appointed Gensler was to rehabilitate him so that Hillary could hire him as her campaigns Chief Financial Officer in 2015.
    We all know how much Hillary likes Wall Street types. Especially those from Goldman Sachs.
    GS is where Gensler made his $60+ million dollars before joining Bill Clinton’s administration as Asst. Sec. for Financial Institutions (1999-2001).
    While there he helped Republicans Gramm, Leach and Bliley write the Financial Modernization Act which did away with the Glass-Steagall Act.
    In his spare time Gensler fought against a ban on derivatives trading.

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