Primary update

Jeff Weaver

Even if you’re a Bernie supporter, you have to admit it’s kind of funny when the Sanders campaign, which made some political hay out of complaining there weren’t enough debates, is refusing to take part in a proposed NH debate. His people screamed that the DNC was stacking the deck against them, and now that they have a lead in NH, they’re afraid of losing it. Imagine that. Suddenly, playing politics is okay.

Which reminds me: Looks relatively certain Clinton will win in Iowa, and I’m getting the distinct impression from the campaign types I know that the Sanders people are really starting to worry about New Hampshire. Stay tuned.

Joan Walsh wrote a great piece endorsing HRC yesterday. My boss turned it into a hashtag.

I’m so glad I don’t live in Iowa this week. I can’t believe all the crazy attack ads flooding their airwaves — including the ones attacking Bernie being run by Republicans that are actually meant to help him beat Hillary. (My head hurts.)

5 thoughts on “Primary update

  1. What Joan wrote about that smug Bernie supporter speaking for the “millenials” was priceless. His debate question was infuriating and I couldn’t place my finger on why but she sure did.

  2. When Hillary was the inevitable Democratic nominee she and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DNC) got together and set up 6 debates.
    No need to waste everybody’s time or have Hillary make a silly blunder.
    Now that Bernie is beating her by more then 20 points in New Hampshire, Hillary is demanding a seventh debate before that primary.

  3. And when I wrote that frontrunners don’t do debates because why would they want to jeopardize their leads, Bernie supporters said the education of the voters was the only thing that mattered. Not so much now, huh?

  4. Joan Walsh calls Obama in 2008 “that amazing” senator. Enough said about her insights. She gets somethings right, but she gets so many other things so so wrong. Such an old fashioned emotionally blackmailing twit of a bleeding heart liberal, and proud of her blind spots because she thinks they are redeemed by her sincerity (if she was a pumpkin patch, Linus would be camped out on her). Not that I’m passionate about Bernie or trying to defend him. I can’t get excited, for or against, about anyone this year.

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