The real debate


This is a fair take; I happen to be of the opinion that getting Democrats to vote in every election is a much more effective and immediate fix than anything else on the table, but I could be wrong:

One final thing Hillary cannot say, but which many Democrats intuitively grasp, is that her nomination lets her party postpone a reckoning. The Republican coalition has broken apart, blown up by leadership duplicity. Democrats are in better shape, but they still have considerable fissures of their own. Their party elite favors globalism and free trade; their non-elite prefers more nationalism and protectionism. In papering over these splits, the Obama coalition has focused increasingly on civil rights injustices related to gender or race. But this is an unsustainable approach, further alienating white working-class voters and fostering internal squabbles over who deserves what. Only the fear of a common foe, the GOP, keeps the peace. Bernie Sanders, by shifting the focus away from identity and over to economic justice, is inviting Democrats to have it out. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, is inviting Democrats to keep it in. Even if she’s not a natural unifier, she embodies the idea of “Democrat,” and that spares people from having to examine it more closely. Political parties don’t like to think, and with Hillary Clinton they don’t have to. Maybe there’s a Clinton campaign t-shirt in that: Don’t overthink it. Just vote Hillary. Or maybe not. But it doesn’t matter. Either way, the outcome is the same: she wins.

5 thoughts on “The real debate

  1. We have just lived through (barely) eight years of Obama’s incrementalism.
    A health care system still controlled by private, for-profit insurance companies, wars that are not quite over, jobs created while wages remain static or in decline, etc.
    Why do we Democrats want to condemn ourselves to another four or eight years on incrementalism?
    The only winners in the incrementalism game are the corporations, the 1%, and the military industrial complex. Oh, and the Republicans.
    The big losers are all of us.

  2. I’ll feel a helluva lot better if Sanders was in office. No way he’ll be as predictable as anyone else in both fields: ya’ know sorta’ like looking in the Cracker Jack box for the prize! We already know what Hillary will do…..same bullshit Bill did, only thing is Hill will have a another type of Lewinsky, like more wars and bombs and kissing Netanyahu’s behind.

  3. I think Hillary would have been signficantly better than Obama but she still would have been a second Clinton give or take , which would have sucked. And she would have made the right wing heads explode in a way Obama never approached, so the entertainment value alone was enough for me to vote for her twice (I wrote her in in November). As much as sanders is showing his feet of clay, I will still support him over Hillary just to piss off DWS and the rest of the DLC. The need the shit scared out of them. I doubt Bernie will soil their chonies , but that’s the closest we are going to get this time around.
    Besides, I just CAN’T hold my nose for these neoliberals anymore. I will be voting in Oregon and I will not cast a vote for any of the TPP supporters sucking Phil knights dick. If there is an anti TPP republican running against any of them I might even vote for him/her. Or just leave those races blank.

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