Cruz and Clinton

Cruz by a four points, Clinton by a hair.

Also: Nate Silver on why Iowa is the hardest state to poll.

Another reason why whoever is declared the “winner” of tonight’s Democratic caucuses is as much a matter of spin as anything else: Iowa doesn’t report votes, but instead something called “state delegate equivalents.” It’s possible that more people caucused for Sanders tonight but that Clinton will win more state delegate equivalents because her vote was distributed more evenly. Then again, Clinton did lead in the Iowa entrance polls. Without an actual vote count from Iowa, we’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “Cruz and Clinton

  1. Which wing of the Democratic Party will win out?
    The visionary, progressive wing of FDR and JFK represented by Bernie
    the pragmatic, corporatist wing of Bill and Obama represented by Hillary.
    The once inevitable corporatist Democratic nominee held her own last night in Iowa with a tie. (H:49.8, B:49.6, MO: .6)
    Now it’s on to New Hampshire where they won’t need to flip a coin (6 in Iowa) to see which candidate gets the delegates.

  2. Pardon me, but I believe Hill is a ruthless, corporate, scoundrel who will do damn near ANYTHING to win the nomination. I don’t trust her.
    ! She’ll

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