One thought on “Prediction

  1. Hillary’s problem isn’t Bernie, it’s Hillary. Of the four speeches excerpted on MSNBC last night hers was flat out worst. She came across as tired, rote, feckless and defensive. Framing old, bored Bill behind her instead of her animated daughter was a further mistake. Just across the border here in Blue Minnesota (where Rubio already has the caucuses locked), she polled 9 points down to that twerp last week. I begin to see why. The false idol Trump was undone last night by his laziness and hubris. He will now spin out. Both Bernie and Hillary need to pivot so that the general election agenda gets set where the rest of the Republican field is placed on the defensive. With control of the House, Senate and the presidency the republicans will fix your health care and Social Security the way they fixed drinking water for kids in Flint! They will ignore science on global warming the way they hid contamination reports in Michigan. The Ryan plans with the unanimous caucus votes are all out there. Not one Republican Governor and no Republican Congressperson has a program that will prevent the return of preexisting condition exclusions to the private markets. The inflation profile that the ACA damped will come roaring back. We will waste billions on aircraft carriers to fight Toyota pick ups and suicide vests. The abstract debate about what Bernie or Hillary would do with complete Democratic control of the federal government is just too much pie in the sky for the political moment. First show me who’s gonna kick ass, then explain the movement dynamics.

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