The mysterious downfall of Jeb Bush

Sr. Jeb the Faded Knight from the House of Bush

The biggest surprise to me about this GOP primary season is that Jeb Bush has fallen flat on his face. I was in Florida in 1999 the week he beat Bob Graham for governor; of course I was annoyed, but the more I saw of him on local TV, the more I understood that he was a naturally gifted politician who really connected with people.

I have no idea what happened to that guy. I really don’t.

Now his campaign is pushing a poll that shows him in second place in New Hampshire. I don’t know about that; all the other polls show him in third or fourth place. I guess we’ll see.

But as crooked and ruthless as the Bush family is, they’re dealmakers. If he became the nominee, there might be some semblance of actual government. Yeah, we’d see the return of crony capitalism on steroids, and God knows, the Bushes like wars, but I don’t see him pandering to the religious right or the Tea Party extremists.

He might be the best they have, and in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

6 thoughts on “The mysterious downfall of Jeb Bush

  1. GW totally shit the nest for the Bush Crime Family. !Jeb! could be the second coming of Ronnie Raygun, but he’d have to change his name to even get a look.

  2. Being a dealmaker was Jeb’s problem.
    The lunatics on the right, we can call them the Koch brothers and fascists, don’t want deals.
    They want libertarianism to rule the day.
    Which means eliminating all government regulations by eliminating all government.
    These folks don’t want anybody standing in their way as they accumulate all the wealth there is to have.
    If that means the ultimate destruction of the air, water, land, and us people, then so be it.

  3. He most certainly would pander to the religious right and anyone else on the right if he wanted the job. Ask mr schiavo. Maybe he is suffering from a well deserved bout of depression, which might explain Barbs weird statements last year. Something is wrong with him, or maybe his family. Maybe he’s got a mistress or toy boy on the side that is getting crimped by this presidential bs.

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