Out of context

This is really bad. MSNBC is trying to become Fox News. Egregious!

Wow, what a monster! This is an edit so egregious, it rivals the worst in dishonest political ads, and surpasses them.

I have nothing but affection and respect for Chris Hayes, so I’m happy to assume that this was the work of some overly-zealous producer, and Hayes was too busy to check it. Whatever the case, though, MSNBC’s treatment of this clip has made Chris Hayes an instant star on the Repubican National Committee’s official Youtube channel, where his reporting of this incident is featured with the title Bill Clinton Slams Obama As Not A “Change Maker.”

It also places him in the company of Politico, which also ran the shortened quote and linked to the RNC’s video of Hayes, and The Daily Caller, who actually included more context than either of the others, but still reported it as a slam.

Liberal blog DailyKos, meanwhile, has had the presence of mind to delete their “slam” story. When you are getting outclassed by the Dailies Kos and Caller, it’s time to think about your life, MSNBC. At a minimum, the reporting needs to be corrected, but really, someone needs to look up the food chain at how things like this happen, and fix it.

When I saw the piece in passing, it sounded bad to the casual listener. But because I follow my own rule (If it sounds like a Democrat did something horrible, there’s almost always more to the story), I quickly discovered it was not.

5 thoughts on “Out of context

  1. Rule of Thumb #1: Anything horrid about a Republican is 90% certain to be true, anything horrid about a democrat on cable media is 90% certain to be corporate propaganda.

  2. To claim that MSNBC has had its thumb on the scale for Bernie is a tad myopic.
    What Hayes was up to is on him. He should explain himself.
    Let’s talk about the state of the Democratic Party these days.
    1. Sen. Reid called on Alan Grayson to drop out of the U.S. Senate race in Florida. Reid likes his opponent, Patrick Murphy, better because he’s a “moderate.”
    2. Sen. Chuck Schumer slammed Obama’s anti-terror budget cuts. Schumer says that the $300 million Obama has cut is “ill-timed and ill-advised. They must be reversed. End of story.”
    So it would seem that Reid doesn’t like Progressives and Schumer disagrees with Obama.

  3. According to reports Grayson mingled campaign money with his hedge fund, that would certainly be egregious. Schumer wants the money for his state. What these comments have to do with MSNBC or Chris Hayes I fail to see.

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