The shootout at the GOP Corral

This exchange is all you need to know about the 2016 CBS Republican Debate. The two frontrunners, not arguing about policy, not differing on how they would implement conservative ideals, not agreeing to disagree. No, this was gloves-off verbal brawling with no point while wasting a lot of time. Here’s the short version: Cruz: blah blah…

3 thoughts on “The shootout at the GOP Corral

  1. Trump also blamed the Iraq war on George Bush.
    Jeb objected and told Trump to quit picking on his family.

  2. The thing we can’t lose sight of with the Supreme Court and so many other issues hanging balance is that this lunatic show leaves each of their candidates almost dead level to Hillary or Bernie in national polls. If the Democrats buy into their demographic inevitability and get another indifferent turn out this election could be a disaster.

  3. All the more reason, Lless, to vote for Saunders. Clinton is clear buzz kill for large numbers of young voters.

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