Media’s complicity in GOP obstruction: Scalia replacement edition

Early this morning before half the world was awake, Joe Scarborough lamented the lack of civility in our politics, and how rapidly Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death had devolved into partisan bickering over who should appoint his successor and who that successor should be. There was no mention in his sad lament about how…

4 thoughts on “Media’s complicity in GOP obstruction: Scalia replacement edition

  1. If the deems did anything one per cent like this we be accused iPod politizing his death. The implacable right does it and it’s Obama spoiling for a fight when he didn’t immediately back down from his legal prerogatives. And that’s not breitbart or Limbaugh I’m talking about, but every headline in the WAPO.

  2. The corporate media doesn’t report news anymore, it creates news.
    The U.S. media, TV, radio, and print, is the greatest propaganda machine that the world has ever known.
    Fascism can’t function if it has to tell the truth.

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