Warren slams McConnell for threat to block court appointment

It only took one hour following the official news that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had died for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to offer a response. In his Saturday evening statement, McConnell said that the vacated position should be filled after the 2016 election as opposed to sometime during the eleven remaining months of President…

4 thoughts on “Warren slams McConnell for threat to block court appointment

  1. A week or so ago John Roberts warned against the
    politicization of the court………(theres more but its tough to type at 20 seconds per letter. Which is not ‘my’ fault.)

  2. When Rethugs propose any random fascist for the court, they deserve an ‘up or down vote, godammit!’ When Democrats propose a patriotic American, it’s politicization. Roberts warning against a partisan court, it is to laugh.

  3. First of all who in their right mind would accept this appointment knowing the meat grinder that they will face at the confirmation hearing?
    Lastly, the senate will advise and then not consent to any nominee.
    It’s tough to be a black man in a world run by white men.
    Had Obama understood that fact on day one of his presidency he would have had a much more successful time in office. Unfortunately he went along to get along.

  4. Anyone who thinks that the voice of the American people will be heard if it’s Hillary (or Bernie) is smoking something.

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