And they love him for it

Donald Trump has reached into the fevered recesses of the right-wing id yet again – and his crowds love him for it. The Hill reports that at a primary election-eve rally in Charleston, South Carolina, Trump told a supposed story about how Gen. John Pershing dealt with Muslim terrorists in the U.S.-occupied Philippines of the early…

3 thoughts on “And they love him for it

  1. Anybody responsible for blowing up the Republic establishment is OK in my book.
    We could use a little more of that on the Democratic side.
    Besides Trump is a lot more sane then either Cruz or Rubio is.

  2. Diplomatically, he might be a disaster. But otherwise I don’t see him as much different than Gingrich or norqvist or Cruz or the other seventeen dwarfs he’s been running against . Right wing I’d? Honey you’ve been soaking in it for a generation, at least.

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