A funny thing happened on the way to the ‘radical center’

Jon Huntsman: I could support Donald Trump if he’s nominated https://t.co/Hvq9KOqfn9 pic.twitter.com/hW3OyJ0viF – The Hill (@thehill) February 23, 2016 In case you were unfamiliar, the barely perceptible former governor of Utah and failed presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, currently keeps his name from being buried by the sands of time by co-chairing an outfit called “No Labels”.…

2 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the ‘radical center’

  1. The Republican establishment has been pandering to the people who are voting for Trump for years.
    The establishment didn’t want these lunatics to be in charge of anything, but they did want their votes every 2 and 4 years.
    Trump knew that he couldn’t win the nomination in the establishment lane, so he went after the crazy voters.
    As it turns out there are lots of nuts in the Republican Party.
    The Republican establishment is now reaping what it has sown.
    Which is a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by Trump.

  2. What center? Take a cretin like Trump with universal name recognition and sky high negatives and pair him in polling against Hillary or Bernie. The results will be breathtakingly close with historically low undecideds.

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