GOP Nevada caucuses

Chris Bowers of Daily Kos mentioned last week that the caucuses are just a recipe for fraud. Might be time to stop them:

-“Man here says ‘it’s a disaster,’” tweeted reporter Emily Cahn. “No one is checking in or checking IDs. They’re handing out ballots willy nilly. Some guy voted Trump twice.” The site later ran out of ballots. Reporters noted that the ballots themselves included the names of a slew of candidates who had already dropped out — Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul.
-National Review reporter Elaina Plott, quoted a source from Marco Rubio’s campaign describing a “shit show” at the scene, and posted a photo of an official vote counter wearing Donald Trump gear. “Actively bullying folks. Not checking IDs,” she quoted the Rubio source.
-Alexis Levinson, also of National Review, described unclear rules for press to observe the caucuses. “IA v NV caucuses: in IA, press sign in etc. At Vegas caucus, told volunteer I was press, asked where to go,” she tweeted. “She shrugged: ‘I don’t know.’”
-Nevada reporter Jon Ralston tweeted a report from another caucus-goer. “It’s about to get ugly here.” How so? “Yelling, swearing, disorganized. People are pissed.”

One thought on “GOP Nevada caucuses

  1. Over 75 thousand Republicans voted in the Nevada caucus.
    12,002 Democrats voted.
    Did the Republicans have a few more problems then the Democrats did? Sure.
    Despite the overwhelming support of the Democratic establishment, the corporate media and the behind the scenes manipulation by Harry Reid, Hillary barely won in Nevada.
    Did the same thing go on in the Republican caucus? You betcha’.
    But Trump won anyway.

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