Poll: GOP civil war is an opportunity for Democrats

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A new poll from Democracy Corps, a Democratic non-profit political polling and consulting firm run by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, reveals that Donald Trump’s supposedly universal support among the Republican base might have quite a few holes in it, especially among more centrist voters. The poll looked at likely Republican voters as they belonged to…

3 thoughts on “Poll: GOP civil war is an opportunity for Democrats

  1. The vote count in the Democratic primary is down between 20% and 30%.
    First, Hillary has an enthusiasm gap. So voters are staying home.
    Second, voters are frightened of Bernie (the fault of the capitalist corporate media). So voters are staying home.
    Third, many Democrats are voting for Trump.
    I have voted in every primary, local, state and federal election for many years. Always a straight Democratic ticket.
    If Hillary is the Democratic nominee, my vote in November will go to Jill Stein of the Green Party for president.
    I will then vote for every other Democrat on the ballot.

  2. an opportunity for Democrats . . . see there’s the rub. The modern Democratic Party has never yet grasped an opportunity for a win when they can avoid it.

  3. You call those numbers an opportunity? Actually the thought of such an opportunity is just depressing anyway, given what we know Nancy and Harry and Debbie and Steve Israel and Steny and all the rest of the limo neoliberals would do with it. It almost makes national suicide (president trump) look rational. If we are going to self destruct, might as well go down in a blaze of vicious idiocy rather than the death by a thousand compromises offered by the contemptuous lesser evils offering themselves as alternatives. Obama had a democrat congress for two years, and look how unambitious they were about doing anything with that besides obamacare. Bill had the same opportunity, and used it to shove nafta down our throats. And then they can’t figure out why nobody bothers to vote for them.

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