‘Interviewing Trump is irrelevant’

Agreed. All it does is give him more air time and he won’t answer your questions:

“The first way you do it is not in the interview — you do it by some reporting,” Koppel said. “It’s an old-fashioned concept but I think demontrating who and what Mr. Trump is and what his policies really amount to is something you don’t do in an interview. He doesn’t answer the questions.”

Instead, Koppel explained, Trump ignores any number of “pointed” questions regarding his policies.

“When was the last time you have heard Donald Trump spell out a real policy on anything other than, ‘We’re gonna be the best, we’re gonna be the greatest, I’m gonna negotiate the best deals you’ve ever seen.’ There is no substance in any of that, and nobody among his followers seems to care about that.”

2 thoughts on “‘Interviewing Trump is irrelevant’

  1. The political trick is to point out that there is a trail of refuse in his wake consisting of customers and investors who bought the best and greatest bunk and got taken to the cleaners.

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