Elizabeth Warren faces online attacks over Bernie’s MA loss

Super Tuesday quickly turned into a night for the record books. Hillary Clinton had a strong showing, but Bernie Sanders was victorious in a few states of his own. It’s Elizabeth Warren, though, who might be the biggest story today. And unfortunately, it’s not for a good reason. Elizabeth Warren Under Attack One of the closest…

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren faces online attacks over Bernie’s MA loss

  1. The tie in Mass. wasn’t Warren’s fault and she shouldn’t be blamed for it. Especially by using crude and obnoxious words.
    But……politics ain’t beanbag.
    As John Mason Brown once said, “Nowhere are prejudices more mistaken for truth, passion for reason, and invective for documentation than in politics.”
    Warren should have known that by staying neutral, both sides would be firing at her and the losing side in the end would verbally try to blow her up.

  2. Al Franken endorsed Hillary dirctly in Minn. Now Franken is one o fthe most progressive, and was a VERY close friend of the late lamented Wellstone (which is why he ran for Senate against Coleman who won hi term by default when Wellstone’s ‘accident’ happened). If Wellstone had supported Hillary, they would say the same thing about him.

  3. Liess, it’s not an innuendo. CurtisF states plainly that it’s a foolish move.

    And, honestly, it is. Like the notion, apparently unencumbered by the thought process, that sending nastygrams to superdelegates was the way to get them on side for Sanders.

    I mean, *boggle*. Sanders’ campaign manager must be tearing his or her hair out. They’re professionals, so they must be telling these twerps to be-polite-goddammit! Which might mean that compared to their usual trollish behavior, that is their concept of polite. More bogglement.

  4. It seems to me that Warren’s non-endorsement make sense. Don’t be caught in between. If she’d supported one or the other she’d still get flak about it. If HRC would’ve lost her supporters would have reacted the same. Not an excuse for infantile twiters, just the reality of the twiterverse.

  5. Sometimes taking a stand is just the right thing to do. Damn the consequences. But if that’s not enough for Liz:

    “Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is dead set on sapping all of the dynamism out of the payday-loan industry. The CFPB is about to issue new regulations on payday lenders that are aimed at preventing borrowers from falling into a vicious (or viciously profitable) cycle where they take out high-interest loans just to make the interest payments on their previous high-interest loans. Fortunately, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is co-sponsoring a bill that would gut the CFPB’s regulations and allow payday lenders to keep profiting off the desperation of the impoverished.”

    That would be the same execrable DWS that co-chaired Hill’s last run for POTUS, who has manipulated the DNC in Hillary’s favor against Bernie from day one. The same DWS who is the ultimate DC insider maneuvering for a position in the new, improved Clinton administration.

    How about that, Liz. Ya wanna sit on the fence while the CFPB is dismantled by Clinton’s and friend’s “improvements.” Just like she’ll do for the already pathetically weak Dodd-Frank.

  6. Adams – explain how everything DWS does is HRC fault again? Real slow. Did it ever occur to you Warren may actually prefer Clinton but did not want to tip the scales against the underdog?

    And Lless – you are in denial if you won’t even believe Bernie – who has admonished these supporters himself.

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