Sanders camp lays out strategy for remaining primaries

In a press call today, Sanders campaign officials outlined the pathway forward for Bernie’s campaign, and intimated that there might be a revolution of a different sort than the one originally envisioned. While acknowledging that Hillary Clinton has amassed a large lead, campaign manager Jeff Weaver insisted it could be overcome in the remaining states, likening…

4 thoughts on “Sanders camp lays out strategy for remaining primaries

  1. But don’t suggest some kind of attempt at delegate revolt as the way forward and expect respect for it.


    Weaver went so far as to claim that continued attacks from the Bernie camp would spare Clinton “months and months of relentless attacks” from Donald Trump. “I don’t know if that would be healthy for her,” he concluded.

    So they just have her interests at heart. So sweet of them. Don’t expect a lot of respect for that either.

  2. A lot of outraged speculation based on some mere hints of some thing unspecific that would mostly be an act of desperation by a doomed campaign.
    Karolyn should calm him or her self down .
    This is the weirdest election on many ways. I’m not really that emotionally involved one way or the other with any of the candidates. And yet every night for the last couple weeks and even in naps, I have dreams involving trump. I don’t think I have ever dreamt so much about anyone, at least not anyone I have never met, in my life. It is weird as hell,. I really don’t like him and I dislike his morons even more, but I’m not obsessed with it, except in my sleep. I almost wonder if this is an omen, as though this guy will turn this place into a fascist hell very soon.

  3. Tbe writer has chosen to focus on faux outrage that some pledged delegates might shift from their pledge. This is legal, but unlikely, unless Hillary is indicted or some other scandal rises up from the bubbling brew of potential scandals she is involved in (speaking fees, her Foundation, Honduras, etc., etc.). There is far more talk of getting the super-delegates to switch, which has happened, and will happen again. Bernie looks to be set to win many of the rest of the primaries. That’s why all of this endless blah blah on whether Sanders should throw in the towel is just so much propaganda nonsense on the part of Hillary supporters. You do your candidate a disservice by supporting this foolishness. Nobody is fooled that it isn’t a form of dirty tricks down to the level of Nixon’s antics decades ago. Stop with the outrage idiocy.

  4. Both updates serve to reinforce your point already made that Devine has talked about chaning pledged delegates to Sanders at some later point in the campaign (during the convention). And this proves something? And you are outraged about something? You have added your own emphasis (bolding and italicizing) in the update. Why?

    Let’s just say, that after the primaries are almost done or done, that Hillary becomes embroiled in a serious scandal. Whatever that scandal is (or will be) it quickly becomes clear that she has become damaged to the point that Trump will win in a landslide.

    And you are saying that pledged delegates should not switch to the more viable candidate? And that this is somehow outrageous? And that it is not democratice or some other nonsense?

    Utter nonsense.

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