Negging the youngs


Another day, another round of “young people are so stupid, hah hah, why don’t they listen to us they are so stupid!” on the Internets. And it’s not that certain generations do or don’t vote. This isn’t about numbers. After I politely suggested on Twitter that assuming they don’t vote is a bad way to open…

4 thoughts on “Negging the youngs

  1. Exactly. And even if they don’t vote now, five years from now do you want them o remember how X-Candidate’s or X-Party’s supporters called them stupid?

  2. My issue has been seeing the “young voter enthusiasm” card used to imply the candidate is a better choice. It erases the seasoned and older voters who, yes, are more reliable in showing up to the polls – and not just the general. I would never discourage a young person from voting but I would caution them on falling in love with a candidate. They do tend to confer cult status sometimes. The enthusiasm thing is fine and if it helps GOTV for progressive candidates that’s great. But candidates come and go – and the young voters need to be invested in the long run. The candidate show never ever over promise and then disappoint them.

  3. If Sanders is denied the nomination it will alienate for a generation the largest voting demographic in a generation.

    I’m not one of “the youngs”. I am sixty-one years old and have been politically aware since John Kennedy was shot; politically active – a revolutionary – since my sixteenth birthday, when four sI’llnts were gunned down in cold blood on the campus of Kent State University. Three of the students were merely walking to class.


    And I don’t have to put up with any bullying, belittling, condescending, Cheshire Cat smug bullshit either. I get enough of that from the Retards. If anything the Republican Lite behavior the Clinton Deranged have subjected me to has only hardened my resolve around a decision not made lightly nor last week. Or last month or last year or even eight or ten years ago. I made decision thirty years ago, and hence have seen no indication I am wrong.

    I’m done talking about it. As I promised my sons, I re-registered to primary for Sanders – a boondoggle, a waste of time and effort, as by the time Oregon primaries the decision has already been made – and should he secure the nomination without Clinton as VP will vote the democrat for the first time since Carter in November. Otherwise I’ll vote as I have since Ross Perot (and Donald T Rump) split the Retard vote and handed the keys to the White House to Bill Clinton: Green.

    And the Retard Lite treatment I’ve subjected to by the Hillary-bots? Probably should have thought about it before shooting off their mouths.

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