It’s absolute bullshit, the Sanders campaign implying that the Clinton campaign suppressed votes in Arizona in order to win. First of all, she won by 20 points, so it’s muchmore likely her voters that were screwed than Bernie’s.

Second, the Republicans in Arizona were the ones who cut back on the polling places. (Go read this Ari Berman piece.) They’ve been doing this for a while. I know; I remember writing about it. Or you can read this:

Maricopa County Cuts Number Of Polling Places From 200 To 60, Chaos Ensues

Unbelievably, the most populous county in Arizona cut the number of polling places from 200 to 60 for yesterday’s primary election, leaving voters standing in lines for 3 to 4 hours, in the heat. When the polls closed, there were still lines so long it was estimated that people would be waiting another 3 hours beforeā€¦

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  1. Agreed that Clinton had no control or influence over the poll problems in Arizona and Sanders’s supporters should not be directing any blame to her.

    Republicans, however, would prefer to face Clinton rather than Sanders. And Sanders has been doing better in races with higher turnout. And Democrats in general do better when turnout is higher. So this could be a Republican move to limit turnout to assist Clinton while also discouraging Democratic voters. Personally, I would like to see a do-over or a further extension of the voting period in Arizona in view of the long lines. I certainly don’t know where I’d find an extra three hours in my day — much less 5 or 6 — to stand in line to vote.

    It’s past time to have national voting standards. Automatic registration. Polling place standards. Etc. We probably need some federal dollars as carrots to enforce the requirements, but any vote for a national office should be federally regulated.

  2. Because like you, the Justice Department will give this the back of their hand as just so much loser whining, and it worked, expect to see this reprised at Hillary’s expense in November. This card was played in Ohio in 2004. They got away with it. How many Republican Secretaries of State are there?

  3. Susie, you apparently do not undestand what it is Sanders supporters are saying here. Clinton does not do well against either Sanders or Trump amongst Independents. Many states have open primaries allowing Independents to vote in Democrat or Republican primaries. Arizona is not one of those states. For this reason, some Independents registered as Democrat in order to vote for the candidate of their choice in the primary. These voters are for Sanders. There is some word that their registrations were mysteriously not processed. Some lay it at the feet of the DNC, which is clearly biased for Clinton and not the impartial body that it should be. Clinton is irresponsible (and shameful) for not immediately denouncing the DNC leadership and demanding the resignation of its biased leadership.

    The majority party in the United States today is those who claim neither party affiliation: the independent voter. Sanders wins by healthy majority in states with open presidential Democratic primaries.

    Susie? Do the math. Clinton will lose if she gets nominated in an open presidential election if the Republican nominated is Trump. Sanders will win. The reason isL: Independents. If you want to juke the stats, then instruct your DNC leadership to make sure primaries are closed and make it hard for Independents to register as Democrats in those states.

    Republican officials controlling the polls know that Sanders will beat a Republican candidate, while Clinton will not. This may or may not be a motive for their voter supression efforts. However, the rigging of the election for Clinton by the DNC leadership bears the brunt of this engineered fiasco in the making: making sure Clinton wins the nomination, so that the Democrats lose the presidency.

    To quote you: There’s no excuse for that. It’s shameful.

  4. Stephen – take a breath. Clinton will beat Trump easily and Clinton is the preferred candidate in this primary – by millions of votes. She is the one doing better in state primaries with high turnouts.

    P.S. It’s the Democratic primary – not the Democrat primary.

  5. Can you explain why GOP superPACs have been running campaign ads on Sanders’ behalf, or why the NRA has been running GOTV efforts to get independents to switch to Democratic to vote for Sanders in the primaries?

  6. Everybody unknot your knickers, Clinton will be your next “president”, with Wasserman-Shultz her VP. That decision was made long ago, and all of this is naught but a charade alternatively herding and bullying voters into feeling as if they were somehow participant. So chill out, Clinton’s the only Republican that can beat Trump.

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