How Kasich wants to fix Social Security

If there’s one thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that the Social Security system needs to be fixed. The differences rest on how we go about doing this. There are some crazy ideas floating around about how to pull it off, but John Kasich may have just taken the cake: the elderly need…

9 thoughts on “How Kasich wants to fix Social Security

  1. “he suggests elderly individuals should sleep in tents in the cold D.C. weather”

    Come on now. He didn’t say they had to do it in winter. And summer is, shall we say, hotter than hell there, besides Congress isn’t in session for much of it. So a couple of weeks in spring and fall, that should do it. If enough elderly with their walkers and ability to easily sleep on the ground and get up from a crouch and cook beans over a camp stove, if enough of them mobbed DC, that’d work. Right?

  2. Is he sane? I don’t know, and that is a terrible way to frame it because people hear that and stop thinking or asking about him.

    He cut taxes on the rich and then balanced the state budget (the state constitution requires a balanced budget) by cutting funding to localities and especially schools. I’ve seen the cutbacks in my school district, and now the school board is asking for their biggest levy ever. The much-beloved senior center in my neighborhood couldn’t survive the cutbacks and is auctioning off the furniture this week. And it goes on and on.

    If he is elected, it will be GW’s third term. It will be a disaster as much as any it would be if any of the other Republicans were to make it to the White House.

    So stop calling him sane people! Call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing because that is what he is.

  3. Um, it’s simple? Cut the defense budget by, say, 30%? Or 50%? You just “fixed” something that didn’t need fixing!

    And any progressive who does not know this is not a progressive or a liberal.

    Are you really this ignorant? It is difficult to fathom how you could be.

    Change. It is coming. Say something about change, Susie. Say something anything.

  4. My grandmother taught me, Stephen, that if you haven’t anything good to say don’t anything, and if you need to resort to name-calling to say whatever it is you are trying to say then it isn’t worth listening to. You sound like a Hillary-bot.

  5. A Hillary-bot would not be talking about cutting the military budget. My grandmother taught me to talk truth, Ten Bears, not keep my mouth shut like a meek little cow. That polite stuff is good when you are in the drawing room at your mom’s on Thanksgiving. In the world of commentary or writing? What’s that bumper sticker say: Polite Women Don’t Make History? I think that was it. Don’t pull that tone of voice crap with me. It’s just used to censor speech and shut down thought.

  6. Social Security would be a lot more solvent if all income was subject to FICA tax. Not only remove the $106K cap on salaries and wages, but collect on capital gains, carried interest, bonuses, etc. This alone would double the inflow. If that doesn’t balance with the outflow needs, then start cutting the wealthiest recipients until it balances. Anybody with $100M in the bank does not need Social Security. Recall that this program is not an investment, or a savings account; this is an insurance program – insurance against retiring poor. Just because Mitt and the Donald paid into the program, [or Hillary for that matter] does not mean they should be able to collect.

  7. Part of the plan was always to have everyone invested in its success. That’s why France recently added the very rich to their health care coverage — everyone in.

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