Megyn Kelly thinks Fox is fair and balanced

​Megyn Kelly and the question that changed her life forever

Fox News host Megyn Kelly insisted in an interview over the weekend that her network had no “right-wing bias,” and that it was, in fact, “fair and balanced” like the slogan said. While speaking to CBS host Charlie Rose from her studio recently, the Fox News host blasted “most of news” for having a “left-leaning bias.”…

4 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly thinks Fox is fair and balanced

  1. Boopsie? JJ – read down a couple of articles…

    Kelly is being paid very handsomely to say these things. She knows Fox is conservative. Her POV is that the rest of the world, including the moderately conservative networks such as MSNBC, CNN, etc. are liberal. To her, they would be. So she is positioning herself as mainstream and the mainstream as liberal. Liberals to her are probably “fringe” lunatics.

  2. Has anyone ever noticed she appears to be composed of some sort of plastic substance? When she talks she has this sort of grim, pained rictus of a smile like she’s secretly stabbing her hand with a fork off-camera.

  3. Jay – is her appearance really an issue? I’m sure you’re a walking Adonis. By most people’s standards she is quite beautiful.

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