How the Republicans plan to steal the nomination

Alex Castellanos outlined the Machiavellian machinations that will likely occur at the Republican National Convention, which will insure that someone from the Republican establishment can stomach will eventually be their nominee, intimating that it could be someone not in the race right now. STEPHANOPOULOS: And Alex Castellanos, assuming, then, Donald Trump does not get to 1,237,…

2 thoughts on “How the Republicans plan to steal the nomination

  1. If they steal it from themselves, it ain’t stealing, it’s patriotism and responsible governance.

    I hope they nominate Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman or Ann Coulter or Carly Fiorina or or Peggy Noonan or Michelle Duggar or Maureen Dowd or Rebecca Mansour or or Anne Romney or Greta van Susteren or Heidi Cruz or Nancy French to show that they are an inclusive party of feminists.

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