‘I’m with her’

He guesses.

But, I won’t be voting for him in the New York Democratic Primary. Bernie Sanders has failed according to the terms he established for himself. His stated plan for enacting the lofty goals and principles he talks about on the campaign trail is that he will usher in a “political revolution” that will sweep away the entrenched opposition of Republican officials and established Democrats.

After many speeches and debates, I see no “revolution” coming in the poll results. Bernie’s support comes from educated white males, young white women, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Screen Actors Guild. That’s not a political revolution, that’s the checkout line at Whole Foods.

5 thoughts on “‘I’m with her’

  1. Bernie’s “revolution” was always an insult to the thousands of progressive activists who have, in many cases, dedicated their lives to progressive causes. He needs to inspire his supporters to grow up – start voting in the midterms and get active in local politics. Their money would do a lot more good going to Tim Canova – the Progressive challenging Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz for her seat. Forming cultish attachments to vanity candidates in Presidential elections is not a revolution.

  2. Very amusing article, but I wouldn’t say the quote here is completely representative. He also says: “I would say that voting for her would be like putting Lady MacBeth in the White House…”, and also:

    “…Hillary’s foreign policy is terrifying. If elected, she will kill people. Many of them will be terrorists and some of them will be criminals, but all of them will be people and she will not let other, non-terrorist people, stand in the way of killing the people she thinks we need to kill. And when she’s not killing people, she will be spying on people in case she needs to kill those people later.

    So… that’s bad.”

    Can’t imagine why anyone would not wholeheartedly embrace Hillary in the primary. After all, killing and terrorizing brown people in foreign lands with death machines is what American Exceptionalism ™ is all about, no? And it’s been so effective in fighting terrorism.

    For view on Hill’s economic policy, try this: “If the Clinton vision prevails, the Democratic Party stands to become a party of neoliberal economics, wrapped in socially liberal identity politics. A Clinton-led Democratic Party will also continue President Obama’s tactical appeals to “bi-partisanship”.

    The goal would be to enlist moderate upper-middle class Republican-leaning professionals into a corporate controlled Democratic Party franchise.”

    Read the whole thing. Best, clearest, most succinct summary of the likely trajectory of Dem politics, depending on the outcome of this primary.


  3. Adams, you did read to the end, right? That’s the point:

    Hillary Clinton is not why we progressives can’t have nice things. The entrenched views of conservatives, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, climate deniers, zealots from all religions, and the gun lobby are why we can’t have nice things. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a reasonable plan for dealing with those forces.

  4. Hillary’s only plan is to split the difference with as many of those interests as she can and secure a second term. Count on it.

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