Twitter roundup

Interesting stories I found today:

Unemployment claims are decreasing because so many people are working as contractors and are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. But whatever…

2 thoughts on “Twitter roundup

  1. The Greenland story is scary as hell. Remember Gore’s “hockey stick” graph? Could that be what’s happening now?

    Re: the unemployment figures – HRC did address the “gig economy” in her NYDN interview which was good to hear. I really hate that she is so good on so many issues and then so terrible on foreign policy – her “legal coup” remarks about Honduras were just awful. Wev – I’m voting Dem in November no matter what.

  2. If Hillary would just come clean on her role in the Honduras coup I might could forgive her.
    Of course she would also have to stop lying about her direct involvement in the coup in Libya and the attempted coup in Syria.
    On second thought Hillary is way to interventionist to be trusted with the presidency.

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