Clinton, Democratic Party to sue Arizona over voter access


The Democratic Party and the presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are set to sue the state of Arizona over voter access, according to the Washington Post. The lawsuit was apparently prompted by long lines at the state’s primaries last month, during which some residents reportedly waited as long as five hours to…

8 thoughts on “Clinton, Democratic Party to sue Arizona over voter access

  1. Eliminating voter suppression, increasing voter access, and preventing voter disenfranchisement are laudable goals.
    But a republic is a very different animal then a small “d” democracy.
    I prefer a democracy over the republic that we now have. A real democracy would eliminate super-delegates and the two-party system.

    Isn’t a closed primary, like the one in New York, the most undemocratic way to exercise one’s right to vote?
    If you are a registered Independent in a closed primary state then you are completely disenfranchised and your vote is totally suppressed.
    It doesn’t matter one bit if there are a thousand polling stations or just one.
    All primaries should be open and all caucuses should be eliminated.

  2. Everyone should be automatically registered to vote on their 18th birthday. Elections should span several days including weekends.

  3. Down here in Pima County, we were cool with the number of polling places — and I voted by mail, anyway.

  4. In a primary, you are not voting to elect someone to office. You are voting to select a candidate for your party, which is a private group that gets to make their own rules. Period.

  5. Multiple private clubs (political parties) should have access to a primary ballot without restrictions being placed on them.
    Why should we allow the Democratic private club and the Republican private club to have a monopoly on our political system?
    It’s about time to stop electing our presidents in the antiquated way that we do. There are only 6 democracies on earth who use our system.
    Everyone else has seen the light.
    The Australian system is far more democratic.

  6. They had to do this prior to the election or it would spread unchallenged. Remember 2004 and Ohio?

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