Clinton promises to appoint women to cabinet

Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia yesterday

Nice to see Rachel Maddow hold up Canada’s Justin Trudeau as a role model on how to do gender equality in government. MADDOW: Canada has a new prime minister, Justin Trudeau. He promised when he took office that he would have a cabinet that was 50 percent women, and then he did it. He made good…

3 thoughts on “Clinton promises to appoint women to cabinet

  1. It wouldn’t matter if a cabinet was 100 percent staffed by women, or 0 percent, as long as those cabinet members supported equal pay for equal work, the right to choose, anti discrimination policies, progressive taxation, access to the courts, closing tax loopholes, against free trade agreements, and effective regulation of Wall Street. That’s the problem with EMILY’s list: they will support a candidate who is against all of those things, even against a male opponent who is for all them. What your sex is shouldn’t be a criteria for appointment to a Democratic administration; your work for and support of policies that help women–and a host of other issues–should decide whether you serve in any Democratic administration. Being anti-woman should disqualify a candidate though.

  2. I have pledged to vote for Bernie on what ever ticket he runs on. If Bernie is not a candidate for POTUS I will under no circumstances vote for Hillary. A vote for a candidate prostituted to Wall Street is counter to all the reason I support Bernie. If Bernie is not a candidate on any ticket I will vote Green! I refuse to assist Wall Street in their take over of my government. My name is William D. Martin and I stand behind this statement,

  3. Hillary will not have 2383 pledged delegates going into the convention.
    Hillary can’t win the presidency without the support of the millions of people who have voted for Bernie.
    In order to get that support Hillary and the Democratic Party must make some policy changes.
    “We got to the end in June, and I did not put down conditions,” Hillary said yesterday.
    That was then and this is now.
    Progressives will no longer tolerate: 1) endless war and 2) corporate privilege and control.

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