Sugar detox, anyone?

Sugar Bowl With Spoon

I have to solve this problem, once and for all. So starting Monday, I am doing a strict sugar detox. I’m not pre-diabetic, but I have so many damned health problems I know are related to chronic inflammation — and sugar’s the biggie.

So if any of you want to do it with me, let me know in the comments. It will be easier if we all do it together.

P.S. Taking the six rounds of heavy-duty probiotics has finally cleared up the vast majority of my food problems — gluten, strawberries, pepper, etc. It even stopped my latex allergy. I still have the migraine sensitivities, but those are mostly manageable.

I didn’t think it was possible, or even logical. But from what I’ve been reading, it seems like the probiotics probably cleared up a case of leaky gut, which was triggering all the allergies.

3 thoughts on “Sugar detox, anyone?

  1. You stop eating sugar, basically. The first week is limited to protein and veggies. No artificial sweeteners, etc. You have to get used to the taste of things with no added sugar. It’s in a lot more things than you realize.

  2. Definitely artificial is worse than sugar. I never drink sodas or add sugar to coffee or to my oatmeal or anything else. Not really that hard to get used to less sweet or salt on food. You can adjust easily if you don’t make a big issue of feeling deprived out of it. But, yeah if you buy prepared sauces or eat out, it’s impossible to avoid the added sugar. I’ve started adding organic cooked greens from a friends garden to my diet, which take forever to eat. Basically just green sludge three or four times a week. Lost ten lbs in two months, halfway to my goal although the next ten may be a lot more stubborn than the first ten.
    I don’t go to doctors, but I feel like in my fifties I can’t get away with the bad diet anymore, even though I’ve always had decent Health and I’m in fairly good shape for my age. But I suspect I’ve been on a slow descent to pre diabetes.
    I’m thinking about those probiotics, but I hesitate due to the high cost and not knowing which ones actually work

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