What a great idea


AUSTIN, Texas — A pro-campus carry group is considering paying students to help them file complaints against University of Texas at Austin professors who want to ban guns in their offices. “(Students for Concealed Carry) is already working on a variety of plans to document incidents of wrongful exclusion on the UT-Austin campus,” the group’s southwest…

3 thoughts on “What a great idea

  1. Texas.
    Seriously folks why don’t we just kick Texas out of the Union?
    The people who live in Texas are more trouble then they’re worth.

  2. I would not teach at or attend or allow any child of mine to attend a college that allowed this. Guns of any kind terrify me and I wouldn’t be able to function knowing people around me were carrying them. As contentious as student/teacher relations can be? Hello – I’d be giving everybody A+++ out of fear.

    And everyone backing this insanity knows full well there WILL be massacres as a result of it.

  3. As somebody who’s spent decades in academe, it’s a pressure cooker. The Post Office has got nothing on us. The only regulator we had against running amok was 19th century notions about fairness and the decencies of debate and all that good stuff. As that erodes to nothing, the raw outrage stalking the halls will tear its good old mask off. If it’s also armed when it does, well, run for the hills.

    Way too many people believe the nonsense that there’s a “marketplace of ideas” and the best ones win out if everybody can freely shout them at each other. But even in that libertarian utopia, you’ll notice that marketplaces can’t function if people kick each others’ stalls down and shoot the place up.

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