3 thoughts on “Watch Trump contradict himself over and over

  1. Try pinning any politician down.
    Let’s take Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City for example, who is now being investigated by the U.S Attorney, the local District Attorney, and the New York State Elections and Ethics Board.
    Seems Bill has been playing fast and loose with campaign funds and has installed a revolving door for personnel between City Hall and his private non-profit.
    When asked for a comment about his mess, Bill said that he had nothing to say and that he would not cooperate with the ongoing investigations.

    Or how about Bill Clinton whose Clinton Global Initiative fund is being investigated by the FBI.
    Bill showed some fancy footwork when he made a $2 million dollar “commitment” to the “for-profit” Energy Partners Solutions Inc.
    It is illegal for non-profits to throw dollars at for-profit corporations.
    Energy Partners Solutions Inc. is owned by 5 of Bill’s dearest friends.
    Scott Kleeb, Jane Eckert, Julie McMahon, Andrew Tobias and Mark Weiner.
    Clinton Global Initiative is part of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation.
    When asked for a comment, Bill turned and walked off.
    All politicians are slime balls. Some slimyer than others.

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