Benefit of the Doubt

Bill Clinton - National Portrait Gallery

So much to unpack here: One of the biggest recent flubs from the Not Great Communicator was in Kentucky, when Clinton harkened back, as she often does with certain crowds, to the good old days of her husband’s administration. But this time she suggested, carelessly, that she was going to put Bill “in charge of revitalizing…

3 thoughts on “Benefit of the Doubt

  1. Well if candidates ARE going to start using spouses to handle presidential duties, then it’s time to elect George Clooney. Amal would probably be better at that stuff than any candidates on offer in my lifetime.

  2. Excuse me, but when William Jefferson Clinton was in office he put his spouse in charge of healthcare reform. Didn’t work out, but more the result of furious opposition from HUGE corporate interests, than any lack of talent or expertise on her part.

    One of the things I like about the Clintons is this tag-team equal partner marriage they seem to have going. I don’t think Hillary flubbed or stumbled at all when she said what she did. When William Jefferson Clinton was president, Hillary Rodham Clinton worked for him. When Hillary Rodham Clinton is President, William Jefferson Clinton will work for her.

    Sounds good to me.

  3. What nonsense. That wasn’t a gaffe and of course bill will have a big role in her presidency, just like hill and Nancy Reagan had in their spouses presidencies. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you liked Ronnie or Bill . If you hated either one, or both, then it sucks. But Hillary wants to have her cake and eat it too. If she’s hinting at what an asset bill would be, she needs to own his disastrous trade deals and deregulation when critics bring that up. And own obamas too while she was part of that administration.
    Sure it seemed sexist when ronnies fans criticized Nancy’s influence, and likewise when bills fans criticized hillarys. But if bill faces the same fate maybe it’s not hypocritical, at least.

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