Dear MSNBC: What. The. Hell?

S/O to Luke Russert. It was a pleasure appearing on MSNBC with you. You're a cool dude & a die hard Washington Wizards fan. Stone

Politico has the interview with Phil Griffin. Yeah. Griffin cast the rebranding as just one more stage in MSNBC’s “evolution.” “MSNBC will turn 20 this year on July 15,” he said. “There have been so many evolutions, and look if you don’t evolve, in any medium, you’re going to lose. So I think we’ve been in…

2 thoughts on “Dear MSNBC: What. The. Hell?

  1. People who don’t have money cut the cable bills (and newspaper subscriptions) out of their budget. If they have internet they get their news from sites like this. There’s always TYT on Youtube and podcasts like the Majority Report and Virtually Speaking. But yeah, the revolution will not be broadcast on TV.

  2. Short-sighted business model destined to follow all the rest of the cable ‘news’ channels right down the toilette.

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