Ex-DOJ Spox Rips FBI Director’s ‘Really Reckless Statements’

FBI recommends no charges against Clinton in email probe The FBI recommended no charges be made against Hillary Clinton based on the investigation into her private email server during her time as secretary of state, Director James Comey said Tuesday. @DBL

Andrea Mitchell’s palpable disappointment at not getting the chance to report Hillary Clinton’s indictment was a shameful performance on MSNBC. Fortunately, her guest took the wind right out of her sails and put responsibility on Comey for making one of the most nakedly political statements about closing an investigation I have ever seen anywhere. Mrs. Greenspan…

4 thoughts on “Ex-DOJ Spox Rips FBI Director’s ‘Really Reckless Statements’

  1. There is some truth to Matt Miller’s put up or shut up argument when it comes to the charging process, but prosecutors larder up non-charging decisions with crocodile tears with great regularity. There is a little of that in the recent McDonnell remand as well.

  2. There are lots of shameful performances on the “liberal” network; this one is not even in the top twenty in the past week. And as a character assassin Ms Greenspan’s not even in the same ballpark as Mo Dowd. Besides, have a little compassion; remember who snuggles up to her when she slips between those silk sheets every night. Yuck. Rumor has it that McMegan is their secret love child. Double yuck.

  3. I absolutely agree with Mr. Miller. Making such an inflammatory statement containing obvious prejudicial remarks has all the ear marks of yet another far Reich-wing mole within the FBI and Justus Department.

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