Did Colin Powell advise Clinton to use a private email?


Did Colin Powell suggest that Hillary Clinton should use her private email account as secretary of state—as he had admittedly done in that same job several years earlier? Last week, The New York Times confirmed that Powell did offer her precisely that advice, based on an account in my forthcoming book on Bill Clinton’s post-presidency. Yet…

3 thoughts on “Did Colin Powell advise Clinton to use a private email?

  1. My proposal for Colin Powell’s headstone: “This isn’t speculation, these are the facts.”

  2. Jeeezus Khrist, the Bush Crime Family ran their entire administration on private servers. Whether Powell shared that tidbit with HRC or not, that fact still remains. Where was the outrage in media then? IOKIYAR. Oh, and the supposed superior security of government systems? Anyone recall the millions of federal employees’ personal information hacked out of OPM a while back? Bah!

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