Paul Begala slams double standard of Clinton Foundation critics

Paul Begala

Paul Begala has had it with those who say Hillary Clinton somehow engaged in “Pay to Play” with the Clinton Foundation. The AP story is so full of holes, and the attacks so partisan, that the whole argument reeks of desperation both of a media that insists on a “both sides” narrative to the campaign, and…

2 thoughts on “Paul Begala slams double standard of Clinton Foundation critics

  1. Arianna is the gold diggier grifter faux liberal extraordinaire, way up above rush’s wives or Wendy Murdochh. Seems the kochs are coming out against Hillary at last. Obviously they can’t want trump to win. I think at this point it is all about making life impossible for Hillary when she wins. Same goes for the msm. I’m guessing it will be four to eight years without any Supreme Court or other judicial appointments. I’m hoping she’ll at least put up a fight, unlike folds like an empty suit Obama. Not talking about folding against the veal pen dems, I mean the r’s

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