Dreams of 9/11

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This first ran in 2011.

This is just one of the sites around the web that collects stories about premonition dreams of 9/11. (I remember reading one about a illiterate tribal chieftain somewhere who saw the whole thing in his dream.) Many relatives of the people who died report that they seemed to know ahead of time.

And I had a dream about it, 18 months before it happened. When it happened, I didn’t even remember – a couple of my friends had to remind me. (I’d confided the details because it was so vivid, and so puzzling.)

In the dream, I was in downtown Manhattan. (I knew that’s where I was, because it’s the only place I’ve ever been where sunlight is blocked and the streets are like wind tunnels.) I was walking down the street and saw two long, skinny tornadoes hit the sides of two skyscrapers. As they hit, I saw papers everywhere. One of the strange things I remember is, large granite blocks were floating down as if they were filled with air.

In front of the canopy of a nearby hotel, Bill Clinton was holding a press conference, assuring everyone that the tornadoes were a fluke, everything would be fine. He was sort of smirky and creepy. He was laughing and talking with the reporters, and when he was done, turned to go back into the hotel and I was the only person who could see his face: He looked terrified. I said to myself, “Wow, the president of the United States is terrified, which means this has to do with nuclear or chemical weapons.”

And then I woke up.

I figure the election was still up in the air, so my psyche stuck Bill Clinton in as a placeholder, since he was the current president. I remember being shocked that I had such a negative reaction to him — and no wonder. I was responding with the same visceral revulsion I feel for George W. Bush.

Not all the details are correct, obviously, but the general gist was there. And so were the dreams of a lot of people.

3 thoughts on “Dreams of 9/11

  1. I wouldn’t dismiss these sorts of experiences.
    Some people are attuned to them, and others not.

    I wonder if people have been having Trump premonitions.

  2. My sister has had two premonition experiences involving dogs. Both happened while she was traveling. She saw the dogs in dreams and then met them a day or two later. One was a three-legged black dog she dreamed about and then saw the next day as she drove on to one of the Florida keys. The other was a stray Anatolian shepherd mix injured by a car (the injured part as well as exact appearance of this one was also in her dream). This dog was being nursed at the house in Turkey where she was headed. She ended up bringing it back to the states from Turkey.

    If it wasn’t my sister (a pathologist graduated summa cum laude from Emory Univ) – I would not believe it.

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