Why I despise the Republican party

Hollywood Trump Rally - Flag over Smashed Walk of Fame Star

Because they don’t actually believe in democracy. They want to seize power by any means necessary, and they really don’t care whether they have majority support.

To announce that they will start Clinton investigations immediately after the election, and that they will block any of her judicial nominees? Treason. Party power gone amok.

They only win by lying, cheating, and rigging the game. They’re the party of voter suppression, because the fewer the people voting, the better they do.

I have tried for years to see Republicans as human beings with their own values, but it’s like trying to rationalize cannibalism at this point.

3 thoughts on “Why I despise the Republican party

  1. Cannibalism is the GOP leit motif and the boiling pot is called a primary. Say whatever happened to all those moderates anyways?

  2. Moderate Republican? Like the unicorn, a mythical creature if ever there was. Undead zombie, hive-mind Russian surrogates, every one.

  3. It seems that most of ’em have just not been able to recognize that this is the 21st century. The nation is changing, as it should. To make America great again is a slogan that just doesn’t fit with the reality of today’s world.

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