What kind of country do you want us to be?

#ivoted The #EarlyVoter line @oclslibrary's South Creek Branch wraps around the building. As frustrating as it can be to wait in line, I'm very proud to see so many exercising their rights to vote! #election

I love our country.

Yes, we have our problems. But the majority of Americans are people who just want to live their lives, and are kind and neighborly, given the opportunity.

Then we have the haters and victims, a group that has always vacillated somewhere between 25-30%. They’re the perpetually peeved Fox news watchers, the gullible Breitbart fanboys, the deluded white nationalists. They’re coming out of the woodwork for their presumed moment of glory. They won’t get it, not at the ballot box. God only knows what they’ll do after the election, but they’re not going to win. Not this time.

One of my friends told me how worried she was, how she could hardly sleep. I said other than door knocking and phone banking, there was nothing left to do. Every rational person in America knows that Orange Hitler is an existential threat, and if they don’t step up this time, we’ve already lost. “They’ll do it,” I said. I believe they will.

The Latino community certainly knows. Despite the Republicans doing everything they can to suppress the vote, we’re seeing record-breaking turnout in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Look at these pictures:

They kept this Las Vegas supermarket open for hours, until everyone got to vote. And the internet sent pizza!

We don’t know what the Republican crossover vote is yet; in Florida, there was an exit poll reporting 28% of their early voters for Clinton. I’m optimistic.

What do we want, exactly? Do we want good schools for kids, better health care, help for families? Or do we want to keep stripping the government for parts, like a scrap metal dealer? Do we want to be less belligerent to other countries? God knows, I don’t want American empire, or drone attacks in Yemen. But this threat who’s the other option on the menu — we have to deal with him first.

Getting her into the White House is (believe it or not) the easy part. These Trump people have guns, they are convinced the only way the Great Cheeto could lose is if the election was “stolen” from them.

We’ll worry about that Wednesday. Meanwhile, if you have a few hours to spare, call your county office and volunteer to drive people to the polls. Call your friends and persuade them to vote.