4 thoughts on “Election Day open thread

  1. You go Ruby!!!!!

    I predict a great turnout today everywhere (weather is great) and a landslide for Hillary.

  2. I live in Indianapolis – the big blue spot in the middle of Indiana. Got to the polling place about a half hour after the doors opened. It was pretty busy but the lines weren’t long. In and out pretty quick. The poll workers did say that they’ve never seen it so busy that early.

    I joked with the guy who handed me my ballot. Told him that I was supposed to get more than one because I’m a Democrat — heard it on Fox News so it must be true. Forgot to mention ACORN so I only got the one.

    I sure hope the turnout in the cities is enough to turn the State blue. It’s so embarrassing to see Indiana red on all the maps.

  3. Just a little bad vibe from Minnesota. I used to get a half dozen vote check calls in the presidential election cycle. Yes I have voted this morning. Yes it is Minnesota. But I still find it a little unsettling that the only two GOTV calls I got were from the Family Values Council in behalf of Republicans (I lied to a push poller). We have one of the closest and most expensive House seat races in the country. My State Rep. race is an open seat in an even district. My only on-line reminders were the generic nationals from Kos and Move On. Hope this is a sign of confidence and not a break down. 4 pm CST

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