Donald Trump refuses to release tax returns because ‘I won’

If Trump Wants a ‘Hacking Defense’ Strategy, He Should Just Use Obama’s

Arriving late to what was supposed to amount to a press conference, Trump, as expected, avoided answering any questions of a ‘delicate’ manner. Never mind the latest revelations from intelligence, someone asked him if he would release the tax returns. I’m sure you can guess what his response was. REPORTER: Do you believe the hacking was…

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump refuses to release tax returns because ‘I won’

  1. No doubt his returns ARE damning, and I’m willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut that there’ll be more and more leaked revelations and scuttlebutt—not only about his taxes—but his morality, his ethics, his little bitty dick, and so on, and on, and on—until finally the “Crooked Hilary” type thing will either suddenly kill him or he’ll run his ignorant ass over to NASA to catch the first thing smokin’ out’a here! (You reap what you sow, BASTERD!)

  2. I know that he has an impressive gold-plated toilet, but are his showers really golden, or just gold-plated?

  3. When that PPP poll came out saying that his voters didn’t want him to release his tax returns, I knew we’d never see them. It’s possible that they could change their minds, but I don’t think it’s likely.

  4. Fuck him and his returns! We know, like Nixon, herr trumpf is–and always will be— a lying-ass CROOK! The leaks, the internet and blogs (left and right), the honest and hard-working reporters from around the world, and all the folks he’s screwed out of their money (and literally screwed) will all eventually catch up to him. He ain’t even been sworn in, but can anybody name a group that he hasn’t demeaned in some way? I’m old enough to know that, president or not, that type of black-listing and name calling and enemy-listing that he’s known for is gonna’ slime his ass in a terrible way—-soon.

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