2 thoughts on “Gen. Kelly urged Trump to use a saber on the press

  1. Holy shit!
    This is serious stuff.
    Too bad that there are no mandatory confirmation hearings for this post.
    Luckily, Trump is pretty much at the end of his rope.

  2. Trump is failing politically (30% in the polls) so the “deep state” took advantage and ‘rolled’ him on Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

    That has prompted Trump to accelerate the “Bannon (M. Bormann) Plan.”

    Trump’s latest moves:

    1. Scaramucci (Goebbels) is now his chief propagandist.
    2. Jeff Sessions (Himmler) remains his chief law enforcement officer (thanks to the Democrats).
    3. Gen. Kelly (*Gen. Adolf Heusinger) becomes his Chief-of Staff.

    Trump still needs to replace McMaster’s as his Nat. Sec. Ad. and Joe Dunford as head of the Joint-Chief-of-Staff, with his version of Friedrich Gempp and Hermann Goring.

    In addition Trump needs to choose another White Nationalist to lead the DHS.

    *Gen. Heusinger was Hitler’s Chief-of-Staff and yet after the war, and with the blessing of the US, he ran the West German military (1957-1961) then became Chairman of the NATO military command (1961-1964).

    Democrats should keep in mind that “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

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